Scrub draft complete

Scrub draft update: We are done. Here is the complete draft list, from Ryan McBroom to Jason Adam. Don't forget about Andre Scrubb, the draft's official mascot and namesake, who went to the Drivers in the third round.

Players selected in the scrub draft are denoted on the rosters with two asterisks. They will wear this badge of shame until the end of the season, when they will disappear back into the draft pool.

League adopts temporary rules for 2021

With the vast majority of the league in favor, we will be using Strat's 60-game version for the 2021 season. As we will be playing a 162-game schedule, we will use a 300% overage for this season instead of our standard 110%.

Knowing that even with 300% of playing time available, innings and at-bats will be precious, we will utilize a 5-man scrub squad, made up of players to be drafted after the traditional draft is complete. These players will not be eligible to be kept beyond the end of the 2021 season. They will just help get through the year, and then go back into the draft or fade away into history.

2021 Trades


  • The Neon Knights traded Knights 1 (2022) and Knights 8 (2021) to the Mustangs for Mustangs 2 (2021) and Mustangs 8 (2022).
  • The Vikings traded 1B Anthony Rizzo and OF Anthony Santander to the Mustangs for 1B Luke Voit and RHP Chad Green.


  • The Whiskey Jacks traded Whiskey Jacks 4 (2021) to the Razorbacks for Razorbacks 3 (2022).
  • The Whiskey Jacks traded Whiskey Jacks 6 (2021) and Scorpions 6 (2021) to the Lions for Lions 5 (2022).
  • The Stars traded Stars 5 (2021) to the Lions for INF Erik Gonzalez and Whiskey Jacks 6 (2021).
  • The Hooded Crows traded Hooded Crows 6 (2021) to the Vikings for Vikings 5 (2022).
  • The Snappers traded Huskies 8 (2021) and Huskies 9 (2021) to the Pilots for Pilots 8 (2022).
  • The Mustangs traded Neon Knights 8 (2021) to the Crosscutters for Crosscutters 10 (2021) and Crosscutters 7 (2022).
  • The Hooded Crows traded OF Joc Pederson to the Snappers for OF Kevin Pillar.
  • The Mustangs traded RHP Cam Bedrosian to the Vikings for RHP Corey Knebel.
  • The Hooded Crows traded OF D.J Stewart to the Razorbacks for Razorbacks 4.
League Calendar
Block 1 results dueApr. 30
Block 2 trade deadlineMay 1